Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Aftermath

salam 3alaykum..
wrote this one yday...cudnt concentr8 at all on ma work last nyt...ended up pickin up a pencil n scribblin this down...m currently lackin sleep biiig tyym...been awake since yday 8 in tha morning...lackin sanity 2...this isnt an islamic poem...but then it has nuthin 2 do wit love either...so i guess its aiight 2 put it up in here..

Her lips quiver as tears well-up in her eyes
She tries to hold them back as she remembers all the lies
Friends nor family...no one knows the pain she hides within
Agitated they are, 'cuz of being shut out from the life she's livin'
People don't understand what she's going through, yet they still criticize
Leaving her to face all their nonsense, including all those obvious lies
Her face is expressionless, eyes piercingly cold
Only when she's alone, do her true emotions unfold
When she sits in a gathering, half the time she's spaced out
Her sadness turns to annoyance when she doesn't know what's being talked about
For lost is she in her own world, one of shattered dreams
But she's now learned that nothing is necessarily how it seems...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Wilting Rose

Salam 3alaykum,
Here's something I wrote last night, referring to the condition of Muslimaat nowadays. I likened us to a wilting rose, because lil2asaf that's what we really are. There was once a time when the only people who knew what we looked like were our m7rams, and other women..bes now...we've put ourselves up on for display for the world to see. We reject the protection offered by Islam, ignore the Sharee3a laid down for us, and blindly follow the ways of the Kuffaar. No one said attaining knowledge is 7araam, bel 3x....we're encouraged to do so! But where does it say that it's permissible for a woman to go & work in an environment where there is no concept of segregation? Sub7anallaah...women nowadays defiantly give reasons like, " It's my RIGHT to do so" or " I'm not doing anything wrong! Besides nowadays, we can't live on only one source of income"
.....Excuse me...your RIGHT? What is that supposed to mean? El 3iyaath billaah...are you trying to say that Islam deprives you of your 'rights as a woman'? Didn't you know that these very Kuffaar who dare to open their mouths & talk about 'women liberation', were the ones who treated their women as their property, or SLAVES? They regarded, and STILL regard, women as empty vessels...for God's sake, they regard a woman as a marketing tool! It's all around you; if they want to sell TIRES, the first thing you will see is a half-naked woman...
But what's happened to us? Why are we following their footsteps? Why are we shedding our petals by our own hands? Our clothes seem to be decreasing in size EVERYDAY! I wonder...perhaps there's a shortage of cloth? Or maybe dryers these days have a manufacture defect? They seem to shrink our clothes relentlessly! The question is....can we blame our men for what they are doing? To a certain extent, WE deserve to be blamed. We are the ones who walk out in unacceptable conditions, such conditions that have been FORBIDDEN by Islam. Whatever happens to us is all a consequence of our A3maal. In turn, we are going to be mothers some day. What kind of Tarbiya will we give our children? What children see, children do...May Allaah protect us from fitn w fwaa7ish..the conditions seem to be worsening generation after generation! Are we even FIT to be mothers? We can't even help ourselves; I fear that we might end up destroying the Ummah of M7ammad Salallaahu 3alayhi wa Sallem...!
...Enough can never be said, but then again...that doesn't mean I write a whole novel on-line..and that too, in a single post! This poem is pretty long, bes Insha'Allaah one day it'll benefit someone somewhere out there...otherwise it's pretty much useless!!
Hope you like it, and as always...comments & criticism will be very much appreciated! :D

She sits in solitude, a glazed look in her eyes
The world has now, taken her by surprise
Tears well up in those deep pools, as she remembers & regrets
All that has happened; she forgave but can't seem to forget
She finally realizes, a lot of wrong was said & done
Leaving her deprived of the Pleasure of The Most Merciful One
She hangs her head down low in silence & is ashamed
She gave in to Shay6aan & in return nothing she gained...

Sisters, this is a common scenario, yet we never seem to learn
We only awaken to reality when we've had our chance to burn
Our condition's worsening, & it's having an affect on our brothers
After all, how they act depends on the tarbiya of their mothers
Rasulullaah has said: النساء حبائل الشيطان
Our actions & words provoke them, & drive them away from Ar R7maan
Had we concealed ourselves, as we've been ordered to do
The chances of them being seduced by a 'Muslimah' would be but a few
Dear sister, what's the use of that 7ijaab if it only covers PART of your hair?
You might as well take it off; it's like it's not even there
Why have you tightened your 3bah...& is that SKIN that I see?!
What's the use of wearing that 3bah, when it's so stylish & flashy?!
Oh Unfortunate One, what happened to your clothes underneath?
They resemble those of the women that lurk behind men on the streets!
You say you're feeling hot, besides no one can see that you're nearly naked
well...النار جهنم أشد حرا...do you think you'd be able to take it?!
Sis, you're walking funny, & you sure are making a whole lot of noise..!
I see that blisters adorn your feet...why am I not surprised?
Your heels strike the ground, attracting attention as you walk by
Weight of your sins getting heavier, as on you are all eyes..
Oh my! has your head undergone some kind of mutation?!
No, wait...it looks like a camel's hump; a 7deeth's confirmation..
Whoa! Do you shower with 36oor by any chance?!
Ya Allah...why are you making 7araam on yourself Jannah's fragrance?!

My sweet sisters, why are we saving up for the ticket to hell?
No...I'm not crazy & deranged..our A3MAAL foretell!
We complain about our brothers' conditions thoughtlessly
It rarely crosses our minds that we are the cause of their 'insanity'
We've been told و قرن في بيوتكن yet it seems like we don't care
ًWe're all striving hard for degrees, so we can land a job out there
Islam shielded women, offering them protection
The Kuffaar came in & promised them 'liberation'
They actually meant 'strip down & sell your bodies to us for our pleasure'
'Let us fulfill our carnal desires with your most valuable treasure'
They want to kill our 7ayaa2, & destroy our nation
Corrupting Muslimaat is their sole consolation
For we are the support that our men tend to rely on
It's mostly us who lead them to the Path of Right or Wrong
Sisters, please don't play in the hands of 3dow Er R7maan
Don't let yourselves turn into the tools of Shay6aan
Instead, turn into reality your everlasting dream
Learn how to attain the Pleasure of Er R7eem
Beware, in hell women exceed men in number
And then to eternal torment do they have to surrender..