Monday, March 7, 2011

Anger's Fatality

Salam 3lykm,

The obnoxious delays in posts stem from the fact that I've become a tweetaholic; I need to start a 'Tweetaholics Anonymous" circle..although I doubt anyone else is as addicted as I am!x_x However, I thought it would make up for blogging, and I thought absolutely wrong. I reached a very unstable, frenzied state of mind last night, and decided I'd have to put tweeting on a hold. It was leeching on the Blogger in me. Anyway, I leave you with my latest poem, 'Anger's Fatality'.

My nerves lie frayed, mind disturbed
Your silence sounding shrill alarms
Heart confused; is this what I deserve?
Or does your inner sadist derive pleasure as you cause me harm?

Your loathsome words of hatred burn
Eyes like burning coals, menacingly aglow
Spitting venom that makes my insides churn
The beginning of your demise, albeit slow

Fangs sunken in deep, into your writhing flesh
Bloodstream defiled by the fatal infliction
Hatred's paralysis of the heart yet fresh
Followed by the vile serpent's constriction

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh