Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Harsh Reality

Salam 3lykm,
Sh7alkm, Dear Readers? Last night, a weird feeling overtook me and y'all know what follows weird feelings :P A poem!*Not always, but most of the times anyway!* It wasn't more of a realization as such as it was acceptance of something I've been in denial of...by choice, of course. It is but a harsh reality=) I leave you with my latest...

I'll be the one to wipe away my own tears, I'll be the one who'll make myself smile; I'll be the one to support myself thru the years, I'll be the one who'll make my life worthwhile.

I'll do it all because you were the ones who made me cry, I'll do it all because on your faces there were disapproving frowns; I'll do it all knowing there will come a time when I'll die, and - while you'll all walk away - i'll be left all alone 6ft underground.

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

21. *Revised*

*Anger comes from shay6an, and he who flattens someone out of anger is not the strongest. The strongest is he who can control his anger. This is proof that Shay6an attacks at night with his Wasawes (Whispers), knowing it is the time that we are most likely to fall in his trap. Al7mdulilllah, two hours later...just around Fajr, I decided to edit this post..and I feel MUCH better =)*

Salam 3lykm

I'm 'legal', so they say. I don't feel any different. Don't look different. I'm as I was yesterday, when I was 20 years old. I'm as I was last year...or am I? No...I was a nervous wreck then; I am now, but it's only due to temporary stress. Not because I feel psychotic. Do I? I do. الحمد لله على كل حال =)

I hate formalities, and I hate birthdays. I hate them because people couldn't give a damn if you died the next day, yet they'll wish you a 'happy birthday' anyway. Do I care it's my birthday? Frankly? No. I couldn't care less. لا طاعة المخلوق في معصية الخالق

I feel miserable. Tears well up in my eyes, and by the time I hit '.' they would have streaked down adding to the portrait painted by 'ugliness' فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين on my face.

I hate me. من شبه بقوم فهو منهم Thoroughly. لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين

I don't need your pity. Sympathy. Comfort. Or consolation. ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب I know I came alone in this world and I will die alone. A new year. A new start. I don't think this blog will be here same time next year. I'm taking my poetry, and I might exit this world for good. لم تقولون ما لا تفعلون

My time is coming to an end. كل نفس ذائقة الموت

Another blogger's entrance depends on my 'departure'. If you think I'm being over-dramatic:

..."ناقصات العقل و الدين"...
F*** you. لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم
I'll give you the chance to grin widely when I leave. أضحك الله سنك
My new year's gift to you.
من شبه بقوم فهو منهم

ربنا ظلمنا أنفسنا و إن لم تغفرلنا و ترحمنا لنكونن من الخاسرين

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


They say, 'A picture is worth a 1000 words.'

Ya think???

PS. That's not my middle finger.
PPS. The result of extreme nail-biting.

Blog Stats

Salam 3lykm

Just a quick post to thank all of my blog's readers for taking the time to read the psychotic stuff I tend to churn on a regular basis ;) Thanks guys, without you...this blog would seriously not exist..

Al7mdulillah the 'bounce-rate' has decreased significantly, which tells me I should keep my posts short and 'sweet' from now on :P Most hits came from the UAE, followed by KSA, and Pakistan. What really cheered me up was the fact that the number of 'returning visitors' is double that of the 'new' ones; to all those 'Loyal Readers' - I don't know who most of you are, but here's a big THANK YOU going out to each one of you!:D

I also notice a couple of 'Stalker Stats' around here; it's okay as long as you don't get freaky, feel free to look around for whatever it is you stalkers look for :P I wouldn't really know, because I have not reached that stage, yet!:P

I have one complaint though; there's a MAJOR lack of feedback around here! =( Forget about praises; I would love to see some constructive criticism or even suggestions around this blog! I've given you your right to anonymity, haven't I?(A) You don't know how many times I've been feeling real low, and a mere two-lined comment from a happy reader is enough to pull me out of a really vicious spiral of depression! (No, I don't suffer from bipolar disorder, in case it ever crossed your mind :P Just a WHOLE LOT of STRESS!)

A few 'upcoming developments' in 2010:

1. A makeover <- Polls suggest otherwise so far, but I think it would be a nice change =) 2. I've been asked by a lot of people to consider publishing my 'junk' <- might do something about it! 3. A realistic novel without the usual, ANNOYING happy ending!:P <- Story-line known =) 4. A break on all the 'love-related' posts; reclining more towards Psychology, Inshalla (unless I get married, of course!xD) Once again, I'd like to thank you ALL for cheering me up unintentionally, by gracing this blog with your precious presence - Muchas Gracias!:D

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nail-Biting SUCKS

Salam 3lykm

If anyone of you knows someone who nail-bites, STOP them before it's too LATE, and they reach THIS stage...

I thought I would wait 'til I graduate (May), but judging from how things look right now, I don't think I'll have any fingers left to take care of 'til then! O_O xD Btw, that's a close-up fa my thumb looks mutated :P bs I have normal hands...and fingers!

D3waatkom please, this is beginning to become a major hindrance in different aspects of my life...people tellin' me to go see a Shrink now!...>.<

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh


Salam 3lykm

I'd like to share a random thought I had while staring at the beautiful cloudy skies, as we drove to DXB today:

When someone calls you 'weird'-take it as a compliment; it's only jealousy that leaves a bitter film on their tongue, thus preventing them from calling you 'unique' ;)

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Situation In Pakistan

Salam 3lykm

Yes, I end my break after actually finding out what's goin' on in the world, beyond my desk, laptop, and room...where I've been confined to, working day and night on trying to get projects done before their deadlines.

What's happening in Pakistan is tragic indeed; countless lives have been destroyed, while their loved ones perish in blast after blast. I definitely do not side with the infidels behind these blasts, as they are the very same ones who have a mission planned; that of wiping Pakistan off the globe. They are the same ones who attacked Afghanistan, and turned Kabul into ruins; the very same ones who invaded Iraq under the pretense of WMD; and yet again, the very same ones who have supported the Israeli-lead mass massacre of our Muslim Brethren in Palestine. They are none but the dogs and swines that have infiltrated the Muslim World like plague.

Unfortunately, Pakistanis are under the misconception that our Mujahideen brothers - May Allah Protect them and Grant them Victory wherever they may be - are the agents of the filthy CIA. If you are one of those who think so, please read on...and take a minute to stop and ponder over what you are about to read...

Taliban have NOTHING to do with the CIA..except maybe, they terrify the lives outta them & are the cause of their insomnia.

The recent blasts in Pakistan, by a group that goes by the name of 'Tehreek e Taliban' have undoubtedly been carried out by USA - namely, Blackwater Inc. that is slowly infiltrating our land. You will notice, they purposely attack female designated or dominated areas. This is to reinforce the misconception that not only Taliban, but ISLAM oppresses women, and we already know that's BS. It can be refuted merely by throwing statistics of rape and sexual harassment in the Western world, on the faces of those who make such baseless claims.

However, there are very important clues as to who is REALLY behind the blasts in Pakistan, some of which are the following:...

1. A Masjid was destroyed in the blasts that killed more than 90 people in Peshawar. Again, it was a female-dominated area being targeted; however, would those who strive in the way of Allah EVER destroy the House of Allah. I think not. Who would? You know the answer.

2. Isn't it very ironic that Mrs Clinton had arrived in Pakistan a few hours prior to the blast? Was it because perhaps she came to deliver a comforting speech, sympathizing with the people of Pakistan, and promising to end terrorism?

3. US needs a reason to walk into Pakistan; they can't use the same excuse of WMDs because it failed in Iraq, and when the boy cried 'wolf' too many times, no one paid attention to him when he really meant it. Thus, they need to create a perfect scenario, whereby no one would suspect their infiltration in our land.

4. Why would Mujahideen form another group, and name it 'Tehreek e Taliban'? They could just join the existent 'Taliban' itself <- proof that if this group really DOES exist, then THEY are agents of US being used to ruin the reputation of Taliban.

6. No matter how much effort US put in trying to ruin the reputation of Taliban, it is clear that a lot of Pakistanis failed to accept their brainwashing. Thus, US needed a more effective plan - what's better than destroying Pakistanis' beloved land, in the name of Taliban?

However, the loyal still remain true to their brothers - whilst others might have deserted them. Eventually, US will lose the war and fall, just as the supposedly 'great' Roman Empire did. Israel will crumble to the ground just as Persia did. They will throw in billions of dollars on the latest technologies, yet all their efforts will be rendered useless. The victory promised to Muslims 1400 years ago will become a reality, and the Banner of 'La Ilaaha Ilallah' will once be raised in the skies, for all to be seen.

No doubt, it will happen after a LOT of blood has been shed, and the process has already begun. Of course, we can thank our corrupt government for spreading out the red-carpet in welcome of our bitter enemies. We can also thank them for handing our courageous and fearless Mujahid brothers over to the US, greed sparkling in their glassy eyes for a few thousand of their filthy dollar bills.

Fear not, Oh Pakistan! For the blood of millions of innocents will be spilled on your land, to set you free from the clutches of the Impure.

It has been prophesied that Pakistan will be reclaimed overnight, and this will solely be done as the Help of Allah will be with the Mujahideen. The Armies of The Unseen will be sent upon the infidels, who will then show their true colors, and squeal like pigs as they try to flee. They will bark and howl like the dogs they are, when in the clutches of our Brothers.

You foolish, ignorant people who speak ill of Mujahideen! Seal those lips before the words you utter without thought seal your Fate.

Realize who truly is your enemy, from who isn't...before it is too late. Don't play with a double-edged sword, and then wonder in surprise when you get hit. Remember, the media remains in the hands of the Jews; they show you only that which they WANT you to see, while concealing the truth, trying their best to prevent it from reaching to our senses.

For how long are these Lost Wanderers going to continue to try and fight Allah?

Let them try for as long as they want to, for all their efforts are lost in vain.

فستذكرون ما أقول لكم و أفوض أمري إلى الله و الله بصير بالعباد

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top Fav poem: False Banners, by Bu Thyab

Salam 3lykm

I bring to you a poem, but this time...I didn't write it. In fact, I would NEVER be able to write it in a million years! It is written by an Emarati brother, who happens to be an avid blogger too. I present to you - 'False Banners', penned by 'Bu Thyab'

Persons intoxicated by delusional letters,
Inscribed into the smoke of burnt ashes,
Hallucinations of the so-wanted future,
Drawing vastly near exposing its flaws.

The house's base crumbles unconsciously,
Whilst mighty entities shift another gear,
Soaring over already-built firm mountains,
Guiding the delirious to colourful mirages.

Kind hearts buried under torrid volcanoes,
Drowning as they use worthwhile symbols,
Illuminating into the smoke of burnt ashes,
Creating antidotes curing drunken masters.

Confused, much? Doesn't make sense to you? Too complicated? Wait 'til you read the analysis which left me speechless for an awesome ten freakin' minutes! He writes:

Since the global financial crisis is caused by the greedy ***** of the world bank destroying societies that were following their 'special offers' I created my first lines of the poem whilst returning home from Maghrib prayer.

delusional letters creating delusional words producing delusional sentences/banners; referring to 'democracy', 'human rights', 'interest', etc.

Burnt ashes are the gossips/tv/media, and its smoke=its spread.

'so-wanted future' refers to a world without unjust, war or crimes; hallucinations since many innocent individuals are mislead into believing reaching such a target.

'its flaws' denotes that 'time' would show the naive persons the true nature of the world bank leaders, or businessmen generally nowadays, pretty unfortunate, but the truth tastes bitter sometimes. This demonstrates that those who claim to lead the people into a war-free world are themselves corrupt since their actions contradict their sayings.

'house'=societies/countries, which are destroyed not by its people, hence, unconsciously.
'mighty entities'=corrupted persons
'shift another gear'=going faster as if trying to evade justice (=mountains). This denotes that with their power of connections they could be above the law, manipulating it to, once again, 'guide' the 'delirious' persons to colourful mirages, or false banners: 'women's rights', 'capitalism', incl the stated above.

There are still good persons with kind hearts but find it harder for them to reach the media, hence, they are buried under hot volcanoes; i.e. the corrupted keeping those people's mouths shut.

'drowning' as in drowning into the corrupted societies involuntarily, but they still use 'worthwhile symbols', i.e. preaching to do good and to not do bad.

'illuminating into' the media illustrates the utilization of similar methods with separate messages.

'drunken masters'=corrupted persons

Total Awesomeness? I truly BELIEVE so. You'll find a lot more on his blog, which I've already linked to his alias. A very talented brother, Tabarak Ar R7maan - an inspiring poet in the making. I'm not the kind to 'sing' false praises; in fact, I can't stand those. I have ALWAYS been straight-forward; even if I don't like someone, I'll tell them on their faces. It's better than going around with a grudge against them, smiling in their faces, yet carrying a burden on your heart. One of the reasons why my Mom suggested I should be a lawyer, but then changed her mind when I suggested Criminal Law, lol.

Comments? I know you guys are WAY too lazy to do those. However, when you feel you have the 'energy' needed to click a few buttons, and punch in a few keys, leave him your thoughts on his blog. I think THIS poem TRULY deserves it, and the poet himself deserves some recognition.

PS. My fellow Readers/Bloggers: If you have a blog, write poetry, or stories and would like to share them, please drop me a line. Notice I'm not much of a 'blog reader'; I don't have time to go blog-surfin', lol! However, I love reading, and would love to take a look at others' blogs! ^_^ (Especially those related to poetry/stories!)

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh


Salam 3lykm

Why? Why? Why?
I need someone to detach this heart, and throw it somewhere.
My heart and mind are going to drive me to insanity. Wait.
I'm already insane.
About someone I don't know; never seen; never heard.
The question is: Can you fall head over heels in love *wait..here's the catch..* with your spouse when:
1. They don't exist?
2. You don't know who it'll be?
3. You have a feeling...life might even end before a new one begins? *Don't ask!*

It's crazy, because I'M crazy - I perceive everything in a crazy way.
I over-think.
I DON'T have time to over-think. But I still do it.
It's not desperation for marriage - hell no. My rosy glasses broke AGES ago.
It's not seeking a way out of my parents' home...to get away from all these restrictions.
I love the restrictions. I learned to love them.
In fact, I can't live without some of them = I can't see myself with a passive guy.
I need someone...dominant. Takes over. Rules. <- Crazy? Read the first line of this paragraph. OK, either shut my heart in a box or...feed it to dogs.

Heart for sale - anyone interested?
OK, it's free - no price-tag on it...just take it away from me!
Never want it again - I don't want to feel.
I want my mind to function. Full control. No hindrance.
Right now, it's b-l-o-c-k-e-d.
This heart is like a tyrant. Taking over.

Can someone teach me how to switch it off?
Pump blood - emotionless.
Wait. Is that all it does?
So...my desires?
OMG...I've been pinning the blame!
On something else - does it have a name?
My self. It's not a typo. Two words. One meaning.

That is out.
My heart is back in place. Guilt-free.
I smile. Not manically.
It's a peaceful smile. Of content.
The puzzle has been solved.
The picture is clear.
I'll analyze the picture later.
When my mind wakes up.
Or will it?

Wes Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

*ALL Readers are requested to kindly leave the thoughts they had, specifically as they read the post. It will help with a research I'm doing. Use the 'Anonymous commenter' feature, but please - your replies are needed for this post. Jzakm Allah 5ayr =)*

PS. I've not lost my mind - not yet, at least ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Awaited Arrival

Salam 3lykm

I've been up for more than 24 hours so far, spending 8 or more hours in front of my laptop, working on a project. As I was typing, I realized something was wrong. In my delirious state, I had typed lines that made absolutely no sense...at least not in THAT paragraph. I liked them very much though, and yet again, only a few minutes later...a poem before my very eyes..:P

Lol, at least now I'll be able to finish up my work peacefully now - although I think I'm coming down with the flu...AGAIN. Right before university reopens. Convenient, much? -.-

'Nuff said - I present to you, 'The Awaited Arrival'

I impatiently await your arrival

Crossing days off my life

Thoughts of you; my survival

Lines carved in with a knife

Love confused with lust

I have been inflicted by pain

The source has bitten dust

Leaving behind only a name

Feelings all gone...extinct

Having delivered my final blow

Heart and mind never linked

A spontaneous decision to go

I’ve fled...seeking your shelter

Leaving havoc behind in my wake

With each line, my heart does smelter

Attaining purification from all my mistakes

Your special arrival; a grand celebration

To you I will present my purified heart

Of my painful torment; a signification

For a new life with you; a fresh start

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

*Edited for mistakes; all thanks to Bu Thyab for pointing them out!:D*