Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Rebirth of Love

Salam 3lykm

Yes, a new POEM!:D Long time, eh?! I didn't know I STILL had it in me, but since I've not written in ages, comments would be GREATLY appreciated!

The Rebirth of Love

Rays of hope spill over darkness

Yet a particular uncertainty still looms

She who was once left heartless

Then looked at love as a path to doom

The once magical words now became an eternal curse

She saw not the crimson roses, but the prickly thorns

She welcomed death as she hadn’t felt any pain as worse

As that because of which her own birth she’d mourn

She had stepped up a little closer to the flames to keep warm

Instead, they leapt up and engulfed her whole

Little did she know it would cause irreversible damage and harm

To her seemingly stable mind and immortal soul

Her screams were drowned by the roaring flames

A putrid smell of charred flesh filled the air

There was no one else other than herself to blame

As she had voluntary taken the steps towards the hellish lair..

She shudders at the morbidity of her own thoughts

And stares at the blossoming roses outside

While she musters up all the courage she’s got

To whisper a reality she had for long denied:

‘I Love You.’

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alive & Kickin' - a Miracle...or a CURSE?:P

Salam 3lykm

No no, I didn't die in Pakistan or anything, w lillaah el7md..I've just been really caught up with life! I also have not been in the mood for blogging, and I seem to have lost all interest in poetry now! In fact, I haven't written anything since..hmm...Feb? I'll probably keep it that way - poetry gives me bitter-sweet memories, most of which I'd love to forget.

El muhem, soo...a lot has been going on in life - waaayed ups and downs, bes al7mdella all good. I had my driving THEORY exam on Sunday, and passed with flying colors: 34/35!:D Surprising, 'cuz I hadn't slept a WINK the night before xD Yeah, so I was let loose on the streets of AD - and judgin from the HORRENDOUS way I drove, AD streets ain't goin' to be safe no more!:P So y'all drivin' em flashy wheels, stay CLEEEAR away from me..or your babies are goin' to be dented & scratched in all possible places!xD The thing that terrifies the LIFE outta me is the final road test; 2 policemen in the car - one in the back seat, and one in the passenger seat! One was enough, dammit! I get nervy & jumpy around examiners, anyway!>.<
Back-trackin' to when I came back from Lahore: as soon as I got back, I suddenly went under a 7-day 'house-wife trainee' course, and I actually COOKED dinner*twice in those 7 days xD* which people ATE without getting food poisoning!*Mno gady?:P* Mom had gone to Karachi to meet her Mom & siblings...OH, not to mention...I also had a VERY CRAZY, 5 yr old to take care of...she kept my hands FULL! xD So made me realize...I don't really like kids once they're beyond the age of 3 yrs old! I keep tellin' my Mom and friends I'll give mine up for adoption once they cross 3, and they all smirk at me and say, 'You won't have the HEART to do such a thing!' and 'yeah yeah, we'll see when the time comes!' *Believe me, won't kill ya!xD*

Movin' on to the weather here --> Hot and oh-so-bloody-HUMID! UNBEARABLE >.< I passed out in my last driving class, and we still don't know was an embarrassing experience! xD However, got hospitalized & discovered later on I have anemia! I've been sick for the past month or so now, ever since we got back from Pakistan...and it's become more or less like a joke at home - I've got swine flu:P I kinda got scared in between that maybe I really DO have it now, but even though I've been sick for a while now, I'm still functioning normally...whatever that might mean! xD The only thing is my voice has been fudged up MAJOR - friends and parents are like we've actually forgotten what you sound like when you're NOT sick! 3la kil 7aal Al7mdella! xD

Besides all that, got into a couple of uncomfortable situations - very stressful, too - bes all cleared out, w lillaah el7md. Ygooloon whatever goes around, comes around...and I didn't really believe in it SO STRONGLY for EVERYTHING. Bes experience has been such that...I now think three times before I do something. Walla y5awwef..! Currently...I've found contentment and peace of mind al7mdella. Here's hopin' it sticks around..! Kan shay amal ena I wouldn't be single by the end of this year....bes yalla ma3alaih - everything happens for a reason, right?

OK, this is a satisfactory update I believe...see you within the next few months or years!xD

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh