Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Legal Bond - Part 2 ;)

Salam 3lykm

Remember 'The Legal Bond'? You don't? (Shame on you!=.=)
Lemme refresh your memory then (A) :P

The Legal Bond

Pools of honey,
Framed by upturned drapes of silk;
Hills small and rosy,
Surrounded by a frozen body of milk.

Rosy riverbanks,
Protecting long-hardened snow
Beauty for which a man thanks,
He who did Bestow...

Emeralds that sparkle,
Rain-kissed locks that flow;
Fiery cheekbones that startle,
Milky complexion aglow.

Well-defined jaw-line,
Beautified by a lush beard;
Pearls of perspiration a-shine,
Full lips...so clear.

...As the ink stains paper,
A contract's being signed;
Solid evidence for later,
Hearts & Souls legally intertwined.

I know...*siiigh* :P We'll all get our 'legal bonds' writ in due time, Inshalla!\o/ xD

Well, one of my first assignments was to write a descriptive essay, and knowing how I'm so preoccupied with one thought, I decided to take up the challenge of writing it out of my own poem. Wasn't really a challenge; more like a heart-tugging ordeal!:P Needless to say, this essay got an A. (A) ;D I didn't change the title, of course..I dedicate this to Miss 'Zaini' ;D love ya babe!<3>

Freshly-cut grass glistened under the moonlight, a tell-tale sign it had rained yet once again. No one could have guessed that it was only a few hours ago, that two strangers had vowed to share their lives with each other. Burn-out marks adorned the driveway, where the groom’s brother decided to add some more noise that would temporarily ring in the ears of startled guests, long after the newlyweds had been driven off to the airport, to commence their long-awaited honeymoon.

Little did the newlyweds know that April showers might threaten to ruin the celebration of a lifetime. It was for that reason that everyone had to be ushered into the house once again, tickled with happiness at the joyous event. Young girls twittered gleefully in their matching frocks and boys complained about being suited up in tuxedos, as their mothers looked on over them anxiously, assuring they stayed clean. Young men and women followed in suit, keeping their gazes floored, not only to avoid any awkwardness during accidental eye-contact with each other, but also to avoid the piercing glares of their elders who watched over them like hawks.

Once indoors, quietening the excited guests down proved to be quite a challenge. Impatient with anticipation, some of them also tried to get to the room where the official ceremony was about to take place. However, adhering strictly to their religion, the two families had decided that the bride would only be shown to the female guests, thus abandoning the tradition of seating the newlyweds on a decorated stage. Suddenly aware of the sound system’s final adjustments, their chaotic demeanor was gradually transformed. As the scholar began speaking into the microphone, their murmurs died down, and pin-drop silence prevailed.

The scene was picture-perfect: never had there been such a beautiful couple before. The match looked like it had definitely been made in heaven. Pools of honey, framed by long, silken eyelashes, threatened to betray the bride’s nervousness, as she hung her head down low shyly. Her cheeks were flushed by the sudden, short burst of activity that had taken place, all thanks to the usually-welcomed April showers. As the scholar asked her husband whether he would take her as his life partner, she raised her head slightly, biting nervously on her trembling, rosy lips.

As he took the pen in his hands, she could not help noticing the agile, yet graceful strokes with which he solemnized his vows. His grip was steady, but she could see the pearls of perspiration that shone above his lips. As she watched on, he nervously ran his fingers through his lush beard, which embellished his well-defined jaw-line. His fierce cheekbones went ablaze, creating a startling contrast against his glowing, milky complexion. She stifled a smile that played upon her lips, displaying a perfect array of pearly-whites. Putting the pen down, he slowly lifted his head up to meet her gaze.

She gasped as the pair of intense emeralds looked back at her. Framed by rain-kissed locks of ebony, his illuminated face forced her gaze back down, as a blush crept up her cheeks. As the certificate was passed onto her after she had verbally agreed to the holy matrimony, she tried to secure her grip on the pen, hands trembling like a leaf. A tear escaped her eye, rolling down like a magnificent pearl, its rebellion being met with a hastened demise. She blinked away many tears that followed in suit, only to meet a dire consequence for straying away.

As the ink stained paper, it took her husband a lot of self-restraint to avoid getting up, and taking her into his arms. Dew glistened on roses so crimson, that even blood would shy away in comparison. It was only as the pen made its last mark that she realized, the deed lying in front of her – beautified by their contrasting signatures – was solid evidence for later, that their hearts and souls had legally intertwined.

Friday, March 5, 2010

W.O.W: 'Waayy OverWhelmed'

Salam 3lykm

Sh7alkm?=) La, this isn't a poem or a lecture..neither is it a story, etc..it's one of those random posts about my not-so-exciting life. ;P On the contrary. I'm a few months away from a double graduation, w lillah el7md. Overwhelmed.

I've survived 21 yrs of my life, lol...major achievement! It's 2010 and this blog still lives; evidence to the tumultuous few years I've had. Right now, I'm happy..w lillah el7md. Yes, I come over these crazy bouts of depression when marriage comes to mind..lol..but I'm sure Bu 3eesa is worth the wait. And all the pain. <3

Speaking of which, I still have not got used to قال أبو عيسى in Tirmidhi classes, m3ena my last year is coming to an end. :') Last academic year. Of course, once a 6alib(at) al 3elm, always a 6alib(at) al 3elm! The feeling is unexplainable; I never thought I'd see this year, walla...'double graduation' :') هذا من فضل ربي

I realize I've hurt a lot of people during my 'healing' period; I'm sorry...I know mere words do little to the scars I've inflicted upon you, but I was a lost soul myself..To all those I've hurt intentionally or unintentionally..please forgive me..

I came to this with pages and pages of despair and pain, but I leave this with a smile of content upon my face, and maybe a stray tear or two. To all those who inflicted pain upon me: I thank you for all the valuable lessons you taught me through that pain. No, I'm not crazy...I mean it.

And to a person who stood by me for a long time through the toughest years of my life...the one who always said: 'what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger'...I owe you big time. I still question why things went the way they did, but I guess I can be overwhelming at times. If you're reading this, Thank You..and this comes from the depth of my heart, mind you. ;')

Wow, as I write...the smile spreads upon my face; it's turning into a grin now..;D Walla writing is amazingly therapeutic. To all my 'Silent Readers': thank you for enlightening my page with your mysterious presence. ;) I give up on trying to get you to leave your fingerprints behind; next thing I'ma do is destroy all the damn 'glove factories' in the world!;P

And last but not least, Stalkers: stop prowling about, trying to pounce on me like a lion would pounce on its dinner, please. I'm guessing most of you know my email address, so just drop me a line of hatred, instead. Free yourselves from the captivity you're restricted by; live your life, and make the most of it...'cuz you only get this, ONE chance. Don't 'break' it...MAKE it. =)

I bid you all farewell, 'til next time <3

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh