Sunday, January 27, 2008

New stuff

Salam 3alykm

Quick post...al7amdulillaah started wearing gloves & socks since yesterday, w hatha min f'9l rabbi ^_^

I'll be busy with bringin' myself back on top with both studies (Uni w 3elm), so this blog will get dusty & moldy, Bes Inshalla, I will definitely make a come-back; it's only cuz of this blog that I'm still considered 'sane' by others :p My reality is well-camouflaged!

To all readers around the world * and beyond:p *:
I'd like to thank you all for wastin' your precious time on readin' such junk :p *What were ya expectin'? An Oscar speech? -.- *

Salam 3alykm w Ra7matullaahi T3ala w Barakateh ^_^

Friday, January 25, 2008


Salam 3alykm

Happy, happy, happy al7amdulillaah. I think I found what I was looking for, or maybe what I was looking for found me ;)

Anyway, life has been going wonderfully al7amdulillaah..I just hope it remains that way, Inshalla! So...uni is starting again soon, & I gotta admit, kinda lookin' forward to a new semester. No, not cuz I'm a NERD, but cuz I gotta work on reachin' that high GPA everyone is expecting from me this semester! >.<

Went out today..w enjoyed walking, with only my thoughts to accompany me. It didn't depress me like it used to, Al7amdulillaah. Seeing couples *with or without children* didn't make me feel sad, either; we all have our time. * LOL, sounds like I'm talkin' about DEATH, not MARRIAGE! :p*

Anywaaayyyy...I can't think of any 'blog-worthy' material right now. I'm only bloggin' for someone's entertainment, LOL. I never knew that my insanity could entertain..but hey...there's always a first time for everything! :p *It's nice to know that - other than my pathetic self - there's someone else out there who reads my blog, lol. "Keep it up any longer & you'll be as insane as I am!"*

Friday, January 18, 2008

Goin' Down

Salam 3alykm

Title says it all; I'm not feeling good at all. I don't know what brought it all up, I'm guessin' it's what's happenin' around me. Apart from that, the headaches are getting more frequent, and the throbbing's increasing. I'm guessing it has something to do with the bridge of my nose, but I'm not saying anything. There's no way I'm popping any pills for them.

I'm just waiting...waiting for 'it' to happen.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

One & Only Love

Salam 3alykm

Here's the poem I wrote on 27/12/07, past midnight...I was trying to study for my Business Communications exam, but an image kept haunting that I desperately want to turn into reality: watching the sunrise, while walking on a deserted beach...either alone....or....
with the one I'm destined to spend the rest of my life with..
OK, enough mushiness :p

There's a storyline in this little piece I've written, one that I thought would be pretty apparent...but whenever people read this...sure, they ooh'd & aah'd....but then they'd ask: what does it mean? -.- So far, I think this takes 2nd place, after my poem: Fate

I couldn't think of a better title so far, but if I DO come up with another, I'll change the current one..'nough said; now, the poem...

They stroll on the beach, holding hands
He watches as her petite feet gently caress the sand
Silky brown hair frames her elfin face
Her every move is calculated, & full of grace
Her cheeks are rosy, lips pulled back in a smile
His breathing ceases, as he takes in her beauty for a while
Eyes, like those of a doe, twinkle as the first rays sleepily shine
He's dazed by the fact that she looks unbelievably divine
Her laughter rings in his ears, as her ankles are licked by waves
The resemblance is so haunting, he dizzily sways
She notices the sudden change in expression on his face
She notices happiness turn suddenly into pain & grimace
As she moves closer to him, he sees her teary, questioning brown eyes
His heart breaks as she clings onto him with all her might
He softly kisses her hair, and looks at the clear skies above
'Don't worry', he says with a trembling voice
'You're Daddy's One & Only Love'

As Mommie read this, I saw her eyes well-up with tears, but she tried to hide them. She said it was amazingly descriptive...

My Grandad passed away when I was a few months old, and she was here in AD. When she went back home, they had already buried him. She was extremely close to her Dad, and she used to pray everyday that Allah would take her back and rejoin her with her beloved father, & friend..

This piece has therefore been dedicated to the light of my life, my Mother...a woman no one can ever replace, & a woman I will forever remain in debt to...May Allah protect her from all evil & harm, Ameen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Change?

Salam 3alykm

It's funny how when you LEAST expect something to DOES! O_O

I finally did some SERIOUS spring-cleaning...and now my room's actually lookin' like it's used by PEOPLE..not ANIMALS! -.- Come to think of it, something WEIRD is goin' on; I'm becoming very 'homey' these days! Cleaned the fridge Mufi generously scribbled on, doused the whiteboard with alcohol (& it actually LOOKS white now!), did all the dishes WITHOUT moaning about it!

Actually ready to learn cookin' this spring-break, too! OK, I'm beginning to scare myself....! Oh, and I'm sick & tired of livin' with visible dirt all around me; as long as Mommy did the cleaning herself, the house was SPOTLESS! Now that it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for her to do it, we've had that dude comin' over to clean...& not only is it a PAIN to get kicked out of rooms so he can clean, seeing dirt AFTER he's cleaned just drives US crazyyy!!! >.< So yeah...I'm taking up cleaning the house again..just like I used to do before I started uni -.- Fantabulous work out...and since I can't STAND the boring treadmill anymore, it's really worth a shot! I have an evil brother, who thinks it's fun to remind his SINGLE sister that she's still not married -.- And for some straaaange reason, he thinks I'm always pissed off, LOL! I did eeeverything to show him how friggin' happy I really am in life *Al7amdulillah!* but nope...he 'wasn't buyin' it' -.- 7'6eh...yales ef Malaysia..if he was here, I'd show him -.- I'm SO NOT into continuing uni anymore! Walla I can't believe how relaxed I am these days...haven't even STARTED studying for tomorrow's HARD finals...and they're 2 to top it all off...! It really pisses me off to the max...leaving 3elm for this crap..stuff I'll INSHALLA NEVER need in my life! y3ni ma bayles giddam wa7ed...makin' his frickin' financial statements for him, wela takin' surveys and deducing the Statistics! I'm a giiirl...(A)i should be sitting at home, and taking care of the work there :p -.- Elmeshkela, nas mayfhmooon....mooooool mayfhmooon...GPA w cGPA...-.- ...Anyway, if I don't get started, I'll definitely get a GPA lower than 3! W my parents deserve seeing their kids with high grades...*sighs*

There is a poem that is tryin' to wriggle it's way down to my blog...but it'll have to wait...*sighs again*