Friday, December 28, 2007

Single Life

Salam 3alykm

Revising my last post.....

Bein' single? IT SUCKS.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blessed ^_^

Salam 3alykm

I can't believe no matter how ungrateful I am to Allah, he still protects me & blesses me anyway :'( Sub7anallaah, it's so true:

Allah gives and forgives
Man gets and forgets

Walla I'm really happy today, w foog kil hatha...there are so MANY people I'm grateful to right now..w 3shan a du3a2 is accepted faster when it's done in the absence of the person, I won't shout out to those I'm lovin' right now...but I promise you, they're included in my ad3iya...:D

I've really been thinkin' of starting to wear gloves & socks, bes I've been told I'm going into extremes =( My 3elm teachers were very happy to hear my decision, fa that comforted me wayed, bes I want to make sure I keep 'em on...not take 'em off when it starts gettin' hot...make them a part of me when I go out...cuz I know that guys will then definitely keep their eyes off me. I've gotten a push, but I lack the shove to actually start wearing 'em =( 5ayr Inshalla...

I initially thought FaceBook was a waste of time, bes then I realized just as it can be used for flirting & more, it can also be a tool for da3wah! So, I joined...and apart from gettin' in touch with my classmates & lovable bros*:p*, I've learnt that there are a LOT of people out there who hate the way they are, and want to get closer to Allah ^_^ Allah ythabbet-hm..
I still get the odd messages from guys wanting to 'get to know me more'...which really pisses me off; they should at least have the decency to back off after reading my profile! >.< Allah yhdeehm w yhdeena jmee3n.. So, I feel blessed in every way right now, Al7amdulillah. Yeah, even being single seems like a blessing! Allah kateb n9eebi, fa why should I go screwin' myself up in the head? 5ayr Inshalla...I can feel it!:D OK, maybe I'm thinking extreme NOW, bes I'm thinking of a KSA-style 3baah; old women tend to wear chances of bein' harassed decrease to a beautiful 0.1% :D wela have I really lost my mind now? it very much..closest to the Sunna ^_^ I want to do all that, bes a5aaf my relatives will REALLY come onto my case then! As it is, I'm criticized for not dressin' up, my loose clothing, etc etc...and friends will just flip! I know my family will be extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemelyy happy tho...:D aaah...thought is waaayed irresistible! Ygoooolooon...*y8hrooni b3d!* which sane guy will marry a cave woman like you!? Agool, the same kinda sane guy who treats his woman with respect, w doesn't treat her like a friggin' show piece! -.- Lil2asaf, guys back home want the girl to dress up so they can flaunt her on their arm >.<>.< And they call my clothes 'nighties'... least I don't wear my undergarments on the outside w forget my clothes at home...! W7deh gaaletly, we'll all come and sing, drum, & dance at your wedding. I told her, 'sure...if there's enough place outside the weddin' hall...on the STREETS...feel free to!' :D ....ARGH! What's WRONG with people!? Music everywhere! You name it, and I bet won't be free of music! 7atta fel msaajid, est'3firullaah! Musical RINGTONES! Naas y9alloon w all of a sudden, you hear..." CAAAAAAAAAAALIFORNIA LOOOOOVE..." >.<

I SWEAR, there's going to be NO music in my wedding..and if people don't want to come cuz of that...GOOD! More food for the NEEDY..those who ACTUALLY deserve it! No bloody traditions either; it's going to be short, sweet, simple..& memorable! If relatives don't like that...too bad. Deal with it. I didn't poke my nose in their wedding, so I'd appreciate it very much if they kept theirs outta mine! MY wedding, MY rules. And yeah...I'm blessed...with a brain! -.-

And now...*the most important points are always saved for last*
I love my Daddie, my Mommie, 7moodi, Barhoomi, w the naughtiest one outta 'em all...Mufiiii <3

And my verdict: I'm BLESsED. :D

Friday, December 21, 2007

3eed weirdness

Salam 3alykm

3eeeeeeeed:D well..the last day anyway. I look down at my arms, and I really feel like a bride anticipatin' her weddin' day, LOL. 7enna all the way til the top, and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS! But yeah, 3eed's over.

Turning 19 tomorrow inshalla, and Nadz wants to make a big issue over it, lol. Says she'll bake a cake & all that, but I'm hopin' she sleeps through & wakes up just in time to come over!xD

I'm scared about what might happen regarding the crazy move I made, but oh well! It just reinforces the fact that I'm cared about!:D I've really gone against the previous post I made; started taking care of myself! I guess it all has to do with feeling loved!:D To think I needed to go head-first on a concrete floor - that too in the BATHROOM! - to realize people actually care about me, LOL >.< However, I think I've done considerable damage to my nose; it hurts badly at times, and that affects my whole head, givin' me a killer headache! Dad says it's possible I fractured it during the fall, but since I can't stand the 'white coats', we left it at that. I had a bump on it from before, but now I have this dent, plus a red line to add to the decoration. I'm just glad nothing serious happened..

Anyway, I have more to say...but I'll end this post here for now. I'll probably come back in a couple of days to rant about something else like a mad woman! But that's all for now...

Friday, December 14, 2007

The 'Blah' Factor

Salam 3alykm

I'm turning 19 in a couple a days, so basically, I'm fossiliiiized! O_O
Great way to start, innit?

OK, so I'm becoming a socially-isolated nut..slowly but surely. Not that I feel bad about it, lol. Strangely, I'm becoming a loner again...the only difference is that it's by CHOICE this time. Oh well...

So 3eed's right around the corner, yet I'm not in the 'festive' mood. If there was such a mood, then mine would be 'blah'; translates into 'couldn't give a rat's a** about anything' *excuse my language*

I'm neutral these days, but al7amdulillaah no remaining signs of depression left! :D However, the dream I saw today morning screwed my weekend up for me. It shouldn't bother me, considering I've chucked all the excess baggage outta my life...but I remember talking to my bro and he mentioned 'relapse'. I laughed that off, but the thought's scary cuz I know when I relapse, I do more damage then I do in initial stages! Whatever...

So the dream made no sense at all, but I still woke up really pissed. However, since things are all jolly-jolly at home for once *AL7AMDULILLAH!*, I paid little attention to it.

I've gone off poetry these days; must have something with the 'blah' factor. Hell, I can't even write to save my life.

I had a fight with someone close to me, left it off at frayed ends. I'm not apologizing this time though; I've seen the negative effects of saying 'sorry' all the time. Used & abused, then refused. BLAH. I'm seriously not making any effort to work on my friendships, and I don't feel bad about it. I love family life...hate leaving home without 'em! I'm absolutely lovin' the other part of my life; brings out the best in me! <3 :D

3eed= 7enna? We'll see. Might do me good though; give my hands a 'feminine' touch...something they lack BADLY. I need to take care of myself, but yeah...'blah factor'. It's like creams & all that crazy stuff wasn't made for me. I'll use 'em once a month, or twice...depending on how high my 'blah' levels are. *Bloody hell! What the hell am I going on about!? What IS 'blah'?!*

OK, I think I'm done for today. Not much of informative stuff in this post, but yeah...I'm not exactly a live encyclopedia.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New Life

Salam 3alykm

Couple a days ago, I made a pretty stupid move, but then it's OK...I blame my high fever :p
I said some things which I didn't mean, namely, life is pretty much down-hill. NOOOO, it soooo iiis NOT! Life is beeeeaaaauuuutiiiiifuuul <3

I love life as it is now, cuz I'm starting afresh! I'm finally over whatever happened in the past, and I'm lovin' myself basically! LOL, major step for moi, but yesssss....OVER OVER OVER! Everything is just going smoothly for now, al7amdulillaah! My past is full of experiences, and I won't classify them as good or bad. Experiences. Period.

I'm turning 19 in a couple of days, and I'm dyyyiiiiing with anticipation; can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me! I hope next year's better - spiritually & religion-wise - than this year! No more subjecting myself to self-torture; one year was ENOUGH. I'm just soo happy right now al7amdulillaah! 2008..I plan to do EVERYTHING differently; and some things are just completely OUTTA my life for GOOD.

This is a short post, for ONCE! :D See, I wasn't lying when I told you I plan to do things differently! :p