Sunday, March 30, 2008

On life & WORK!

Salam 3alykm

First of all, I'm really glad to mention that the readers of this blog are increasing steadily - for whatever reason! - Al7amdulillaah...but y'all refuse to leave comments; makes you UNTRACEABLE -.-'s all good, though! =D

People told me I write GOOD stuff, but y'all are just bein' nice..I know -.- There ain't nothin' in this blog that others can't write! Besides, it's just something I want to read some day...and be able to laugh it all off...

I'm going to make this a short post, because life is a RACE against TIME. It's beginning to reflect in my health, actually...but it's OK..Mom says when I drop dead, they'll bury me in my grave..I guess we won't have to worry about marriage anymore then which is good enough! My blood pressure seems nonexistent now, LOL. I'm truly a livin' zombiiiee...muahahaha :p

I did say I wouldn't blog about my life, right? Well..I'm doin' good enough; it's ME I'm talkin' about! (A) :p

Past few days, or WEEKS, should I say...have been pretty rough on me...every time I think, I'm finally through with depression; won't cry over 'spilled milk' backfires on me -.- HORMONES!

I wrote a REALLY raw poem yesterday...wreaking of feelings...but it's incomplete, & I might decide not to share it with y'all in the end...because I was INCREDIBLY messed up...went through a minor breakdown..

I do realize I might be psychotic after all, & the realization increases after EVERY Psychology class! I LOVE the field; it's connected with EVERYTHING in life...including DEEN...Sb7anallah! I would have changed my major, but the only & BIGGEST problem is that, the only places it's offered are UAEU *locals only* and KV...and there ain't NO WAY IN HELL, HEAVEN, OR EARTH that I'm studying in THAT MESSED UP place! 5ayr inshalla, if I live long enough, I might take up someone's suggestion & study it after *THANK GOD for e-learning!*

OK, I have a LOT of work waiting for me related to studies & I better get started on THAT. Being 19 sucks; even though we ain't housewives yet, we sure go through FULL FLEDGE 'TRAINING COURSES'...and what's worse is...they're COMPULSORY...'requirements' so they say -.-

Oh well, it's all a part of I might as well quit complainin', eh? Life's short anyway..before I know it...I'll be in my grave....*shudders*

The best part of it all is that I'm a MUSLIMAH....& that's ALL that matters!=D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Salam 3alykm

The reason why I have not been blogging is because things were pretty crazy around here! Anyway, I wrote a WHOLE post *yep, one of those LONG ones!* this afternoon, and not too long ago, my eldest brother made a HUGE issue, w Allah yjzeeh kil 5ayr...because I've decided not to blog about my life anymore. I don't know WHAT I'll blog about...IF I'll blog anymore to begin with..but yeah, there's nothing so interesting about my life that needs to be published for everyone out there to read about..

I'll blog some of my poems, I guess...& things related to Deen, bes Inshalla..there won't be nothing related to the life I'm livin' right now, & what's happenin'..y'all will probably get a gist of that anyway through my poetry..

I got slightly furious at him cuz 'who the hell does he think he is to control my life?' but Al7mdulillaah *after washing dishes :p* I realized, he only means well ^_^
My loved ones & those who are close to me already know about my life..the rest need to work on their relationships with me if they want to extract that personal information :p

With that said, here's something I wrote on the 16th of March, titled: " Lovers' Sunrise" (corny, I know..but if you think of a better title, then lemme know through 'comments')

She stands alone on the shore, mind preoccupied
Trying to figure out valid reasons behind all those lies
Tears flow freely now, because she knows there's no one around
Misery & heartache is all that she found
Rejection was the biggest of all her fears
The mere thought of it all brings back tears
Why didn't she just deny all the 'love' that came through?
Why didn't she realize it's the same thing all guys do?
Sweet-talk the girl until she finally gives in
Then end it all even faster than they begin...
She gasps as someone turns her around & takes her hand
Gently wipes away her tears and together they stand
Husband & wife out to share their first sunrise
He knows what she's been through, so he isn't taken by surprise
She sobs against his warm chest helplessly
Making him wrap his arms around her protectively
...It is but a beautiful scenario that unfolds before oblivious eyes
Newlyweds locked in an embrace while sharing their first 'Lovers' Sunrise'