Saturday, May 5, 2012


Salam 3lykm,

Here's something I wrote after Fajr; ironically, I was thinking I'd take a break from writing for a while. Oh well..I leave you with, 'Tamed'.
Every tear that meets its untimely demise on my lips, burns with the agony of being kept away from you. Every heartbeat is a reflection of the yearning that's thawed a heart once steel-cold. Fingertips gently trace the path once taken by your lips, reviving vivid flashbacks of passionate, timeless encounters..
Once-soulful eyes now ablaze with lust, as they take in the shapely form that lies before them. Hair tousled, limbs intertwined, short breaths quickening their pace in a symphony only lovers could comprehend..
Fulfillment. Heart, body, and soul satiated, left 'tamed' after having tread a path of tasteful wildness, contained behind cautiously closed doors.