Saturday, April 28, 2007

May I have your Attention please...

Living according to Sharee3a has become really hard
In these times when our 7ayaa2 we should safe-guard
Shay6aan's working on crumbling our Iman to dust
By inflicting our hearts with the disease of lust
A lot of guys & girls who punctually pray their 9alawaat 5 tymz a day
Regularly read Qur'aan, try to increase their 3elm, their Lord they do obey
Unfortunately, they may be lead astray by Wasaawes esh Shay6aan
He strives really hard to turn us away from Ar-Ra7maan
Damned is he, for him his hellish abode waits
And for all those like him, on whom forbidden are Jannah's Gates
Him & his clan try to snatch away the opportunity
Of entering the Heavenly Gardens from those who've attained piety
Look at that young man, once 9aa7ib el l7ya wed Deen
Now he has a goatee & sweet-talks girls, in hope one would be his 'queen'
And look at that young woman, once shielded as a rosebud from all harm
Now she's just like a wilting rose, that has lost all its charm
Hidden she once was, 'shapeless' from head to toe
But now she's put all her assets out for show
Leaving almost nothing to the imaginations of all guys
She proudly acknowledges the looks in her predators' eyes
Cursed be the one who gets us entangled & then walks away clean
The same one who dissolves our Iman, disconnecting us from our Deen
Limited is our time, this Denya's like an examination hall
Our life's the exam, each deed an answer; under 'right' or 'wrong' it will fall
Depending on the weight of each one, we'll receive our grades
Final abodes will be decided on the categorization of slaves
Some will be 3baad Allaah, while others 3baad esh Shahawat
The latter will be in agony, while the former will possess content hearts
Brothers & Sisters, please struggle hard to ace this test
For after it there awaits either eternal torment or blissful rest
For the sake of your nafs, don't sell away your Iman
To your truly bitter enemies, the Army of Shay6aan
If you crush that nafs & shun all of Shay6aan's ways
There's a 110% guarantee, under Allaah's protection you'll forever stay

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Poems & poetry...

Salaam 3alaykum,
jus came across a 7deeth, (saying of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H) (regarding poetry) from which 3ulamaa2 (Islamic scholars) hav laid down 4 conditions 4 poetry. Not surprisingly, lil2asaf esh-shadeed, most of my poems don't fit those conditions! so inshallah, will be deleting all those poems shortly. yjzeek/ch Allaah kil 5ayr Anonymous #2 on the poem ' Hidin' behind Lies :) I really really TRULY appreciated that comment, cuz it wuz a jolt back 2 reality...

Needless 2 say, i might either stop writin' COMPLETELY, or turn over a new leaf n start writin ONLY Islamic poems. *sumthn similar 2 Arise From Your Slumber.*

Jazaakum Allaah 5ayr 4 those who hav stopped by n taken tha tym 2 comment, & for those who hav read ma trashy poems which are against Islam, please 4giv me!

Wa Salaam

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Arise From Your Slumber

(29th October 2oo3)
est'3firullah..i 4got 2 add this 1...i thought i'd add it last cuz its ma only fav out of all ma poems...:)

ma first attempt at arabic+english poetry....including Ayaat from tha Holy Qur'aan...

Dear Muslim brothers & sisters, why have we become so weak?

Why are we letting ourselves be led astray from Allaah by Shaytaan's beats?

There was a time when we used to wake up to the Athaan

But now, unfortunately, we wake up to اغاني و الحان

Dear Muslim brothers, when the Masaajid cry out to you

Why don't you drop everything you're doing and purify yourself by وضوء?

Dear Muslim sisters, why do we take our صلوت so lightly?

Just because it's not obligatory on us to pray in Masaajid, we delay them defiantly?!

Whatever happened to "إنا الصلاة كانت على مؤمنين كتابا موقوتا"

It seems like Shaytaan has wrapped us up so tightly, we can't obey or Lord either

"و ما خلقت الإنس و الجن إلإ ليعبدون"

Why is that we pay no heed to that, knowing our life may end soon?

We're being exposed to music while fetuses in our mothers' wombs

Slowly, Shaytaan's leading us to the path of destruction & doom

Endless are his whispers, he relentlessly makes us doubt,

Countless aspects in Islam, because his mission's to drive us out

From the beautiful Gardens of Jannah, just as he deceived

(آدم و حوا (عليهم السلام and he's vowed to succeed innocent Muslim blood is being shed globally

No one gives a damn as they live their fantasies

Haraam, Halaal, Makrooh...they don't really care

As long as their desires are fulfilled, they pretend they don't see or hear

Where are the men who will fight عدو الرحمن

Unfortunately, we only see the Army of Shaytaan

But I still have hope that our brothers & sisters are hidden from our sight

There are still those who work by day & worship their Lord by night

Alhamdulillaah, Islam is still spreading like wild-fire

The Kuffaar are left bewildered, n with fear they perspire

They SEEM victorious for now, but that's only for show

Reality is, they can't sleep at night as they're worrying about 'tomorrow'

As they brutally murder our brothers & rape our sisters

They brainwash us successfully…only SOME can tell they're tricksters

The rest of us blindly believe what we're constantly fed by the media

But about the REAL situations we have NO IDEA

This is a desperate cry to all the brothers & sisters

Those of who are still trapped by Shaytaan & his believers

PLEASE arise from your slumber before it's too late

PLEASE open your eyes before FORBIDDEN ON YOU become Jannah's Gates...

New around here...

Salaam 3alaykum/Hiya 2 all all of u out there...
All tha posts that u see here were actually typed out on ma msn space n so tha timings n days til post 17 r all wrong really...but neway...not much of a blogger...hav made 2 accounts previously but cant remember wat i called em or wat ma username
will try 2 keep this one runnin 4 as long as i can...keep poppin in 2 add a new poem once in a while...obviously that's if i see this blog's actually bein' yall kno wat that means...;) yeeeeepp...leav a comment senors/senoritas so that i kno u been here :D



(2nd February 2007)

She stares in silence, not knowing what to say
Never did she imagine that there would come this day
Tears stream down her cheeks & she tries to stop them, but in vain
Never did she know that it would cause her this much pain
Her body sways slightly, her vision falters
She stares at the picture of the one who once sought her
Her lips tremble, her voice is becoming audible
Keeping her balance is close to impossible
She clenches her jaws tightly, to you & I the sight would be absurd
But she's trying to stop herself from uttering a string of incoherent words
Each tear that falls, carries with it a bitter-sweet memory
Of how they lived together in bliss & harmony
His laughter resounds in her head, his scent still fresh on her clothes
But his soul has already ascended to its heavenly abode
For you see, happily wedded were they for nearly a year
Gone were her insecurities & never-ending fears
But then..all it took was a car crash
And all tha happiness she'd ever known had been snatched
Now she stands helpless, and all alone
Looking out at the horizon from their newly-furnished home
As she notices her reflection in the window, her lips form a sad smile
Steadily grows the token of love, their unborn child....

Lyf's a test...which im strugglin 2 pass:'(

(21st December 2006)

havnt written ne poems in a long tym now...usually i actually write em down n then type em out tha next day or watever...but 2day...ima try 2 write sumthn here directly...

she stares out at nuthin, tryin 2 clear her mind

all she can do is think of 1 person at all tymz

lyf is gettin harder, shes losin grip fast

shes wishin 4 long she will not last

tears remain welled up in her eyz 24/7

threatenin 2 cascade down wen she stares up at tha heavens

in despair as she holds her hands up in prayer

askin her Lord 2 take her away from here

she reminds herself its a test she must endure patiently

there will b a tym wen she'll be let go free

all she has 2 do is quietly wait

n strive hard 2b able 2 pass thru tha Heavenly Gates...

2 all tha guys who stare ENDLESSLY..

(17th November 2006)

it's been a while since i added nethin here...

this is sumthn i wrote jus a few minutes ago...i wuz sittin in ma room...bored 2 death...wen i remembered an incident which took place couple a days i grabbed a pen n started writiin....

y r u standin over there, starin at me?

i dont get it..wat tha hell is it that u c?!

otha than ma hands n feet n ma chocolate brown eyz

n they 2 r hidden behind these glasses, i suddenly realize

dont stare n play dirty mind games

wherz ur self-respect n dignity, or hav u no shame?!

4 all u kno, i could b a man's wife

wit a marriage based on love, n content wit her lyf!

irrespect of that, i could b a sister or even a MOTHER

yet u stand right there, jus lyk a hunter

lookin out 4 his 'catch of tha day'

i wonder, how many young women,2 u, fell prey?

wen will all of u open ur eyz n c?!

therz no way u can b a proper Muslim if u dont preserv ur chastity!

y do yall talk bout women lyk we pieces of meat?!

dont u realize u makin it dangerous 4 ur own mothers n sisters 2 walk out alone on tha streets?

havnt u heard tha sayin:"wat goes around, comes around"?

or do u prefer 2 ignore that until things go terribly wrong?!

r u waitin 4 a female family member 2 get sexually harrassed?

or would u lyk 4 a loved 1 2 b publically harrassed?

how would u feel lyk if sum1 groped ur sister?

or how bout if sum1 forcefully kissed her??

u'd want 2 rip his beatin heart outta his chest

u wouldnt b able 2 c her walkin around depressed....

well, if u dont want that happenin 2 a close n loved female member of ur family

then how tha hell can u treat a strange woman on tha street ne differently?!?!

Sick & Tired of Being Alone..

(30th October 2006)

This is somethin i wrote 3 nights ago...wen i couldnt sleep...facin nights of serious insomnia....

As tha days pass by, im still alone

still a hyped teen livin in her parents' home

iv been hurt by many, but i hav learned

i hav also given many tha chance 2 burn

evrythin seems so confusin n dreams unattainable

tha chances that they might come tru 1 day are highly impossible

scared 2 love again, tremblin i stand

waitin 4 a man 2 ask 4 ma hand

iv seen a whole lotta messed up marriages n lives

heard of men marryin over their wives

terrified i am, yet this huge risk im ready 2 take

call me desperate, but its 1 long,impatient wait

some say im not fit 2 b a man's wyf yet

makes me wonder, how damn mean can ppl really get?!

they could b right, but i still think their approach is wrong

which is y i wont lsn 2 em nemore, even if they torture me lyf-long

but then i think, who'd want fish wen they could get PEARLS from tha sea?

who'd go 4 a plain jane wen they could get sum1 pretty?

wen i think of ne guy, i feel guilty 4 wantin him 2 b mine

cuz i kno there are amazin chicaz out there who'd actually b worth his tym

as tha day comes 2 an end, i feel even more low n lonely

cuz then i remember i hav a cold, empty bed waitin 4 me....

Rich..Yet Miserable

(30th September 2006)

Aiiight...been a while since i blogged nethin, so here i come wit some more of ma junk....

this basically is bout a gurl who has hit it off pretty well...shes makin a whole lotta money, yet as tha title suggests, she feels miserable. as she's spendin tym on tha beach in front of her property, tha waves trigger tha realization that evrythin n evry1 has a partner in lyf, xcept her.

call me old-fashioned, but i'd rather hav a successful MARRIAGE than b a single millionaire. money can buy a whole lotta shiit, but it cant buy happiness....or love..... goes:

A deserted beach under tha black starry sky

lyin' on tha soft cool sand, as tha tym passes by

her eyz close as tha first few raindrops fall

her lips part slightly as she feels tha raindrops crawl

down her shirt they trickle eva-so-softly

caressin her achin n worn-out body

tha sounds of waves lappin up on tha shore

remind her that she has no1 2 lean on 4 support

she's still alone, wit nobody 2 share her lyf wit

no1 2 love eternally nor ne1 2 try n giv

her whole self 2, without holdin back

wherz tha guy who can bring her lyf back on track?

she lies there, soaked 2 her skin, feelin cold n alone

not wantin tha house she livz in nemore, but her own sweet home

somewhere she alwayz anticipates goin back 2

not a place where she feels lyk she's got nothin 2 do

as she blinks away warm tears that well up in her eyz

tha words of her late mother she then comes 2 realize

" Money cant buy evrythin, so dont b blinded by greed,

u should hav enuff 2 b able 2 self-sustain n please."

bringin her knees up 2 her chest, she curls up in a lil a failed attempt 2 keep warm

sadly, money did buy her a seaside property but failed 2 diminish tha loneliness which eventually lead her 2 harm....

Ma Lyf

(June 2006)

i wuz goin thru a pretty tough tym regardin uni....but al7mdlla thats all sorted out now:)

y cant ppl understand
that i cant follow all demands
y cant ppl seem 2 grasp
that im still affected by ma past
y cant ppl open their eyz
awaken from tha slumber n realize
i wuznt made 4 this kinda sh**
n it's pullin me down bit by bit
till wen am i goin 2 b subjected 2 this torture
is ma world goin 2 keep gettin darker?
im not askin 4 ne liberty
i jus want 2 live in tranquility
i dont want ppl 2 question WHY
i jus want them 2 let me TRY
2 stand up tall without bein pushed back down
2 prevent ma fall, n rescue me wen im bout 2 drown
where ma homies who said that they were "goin 2 b down fo' me"
i'm only seein tha phonies who try 2 control othaz wit their money
where ma sistaz who alwayz said "dont worry gurl, we got yo back"
im only seein trickstaz who tryin real hard 2 act
see, they play nice, play-fight n then stab u in tha back
wen u turn around cuz they kno that now, u'v lost yo track
im thru wit this, no1 gon' get a chance wit me
this case's dismissed, n as usual..tha criminals all go free.....


(July 2006)

sittin' here, feelin' lonely n in despair
i cant understand tha endless flow of these tears
feelin' lyk ma whole world suddenly became dark
i think i'm slowly fallin' apart
i see tha world n its spinnin around lyk a top
i hear their voices, see their xpressions while i slowly drop
down this detrimental spiral, makin' me unstable n leavin' me confused
sometymz i feel loved, but most of tha tymz i feel used
people toy around n then xpect me 2 take it lightly
inflict me wit pain n then silence me harshly
i watch as they scornfully eye me
i kno that, behind ma back, im bein made fun of constantly
some say im paranoid n need help desperately
othaz say im cravin' attention n sympathy
at tymz i hate ma self 4 not bein strong
i feel lyk most of tha tym im tha one who's wrong
this insecurity is slowly devourin' me
bit by bit im comin closer 2 insanity
i kno not tha reason behind all these thoughts
i'v been tryin 2 bottle up, n live contently wit wat iv got
i kno im bein ungrateful...4 all that i hav
is more than some hav, n 4 that i should b glad
may Allaah 4giv all ma sins b4 im laid down six feet under
or else...2 eternal torment will i hav 2 surrender

Still Hurtin'

(23rd April 2006)

As years pass by i can still not 4get
i keep wonderin' r things goin 2 worsen yet
all this laughter...these smiles...r a wonderful disguise...
cover up perfectly all tha pain insyyd
these bruises n gashes dont seem 2 heal
as tha days go by, lyf seems 2 b a torturous ordeal
thinkin...wonderin...cryin endlessly...
whyl refusin..resistin...despisin disbelievingly
'tryin 2 grasp tha truth instead of tearin' it apart'
easy 2 say...but HARD 2 do wit a scarred heart
nothin but LIES r hurled around
evrytym truth surfaces, it has been pushed down
no mercy, no compassion has eva been shown..
no love, no kindness has eva been known
drained n exhausted by tryin 2 b brave
tranquility will b met in tha depth of a grave....

All Alone

2nd attempt...writin poetry (OR WATEVA THA HELL U WANT 2 CALL IT!!) by lookin at a pic..a woman’s facin tha sea at nyt..n shes standin barefoot..huggin herself..*probably 2 keep warm or sumthn*so umm..this is wat i came up wit

(this wuz written in April 2006)

strollin all alone on tha beach
as tha soft cool sand carresses her feet
tha wind wraps itself around her in an embrace
while tha shore's by tha waves bein chased (LAAAME i knooo)
whisperin' sweet nothings, tha wind tugs at her soul
givin her tha achin feelin of not bein whole
she then senses tha absence of compassion n love
as she looks questioningly at tha starry sky above
hot tears well up in her chocolate brown eyz
her delicate body is wracked by sobs as she cries
to tha world, shes jus a beautiful young woman who's jus started her lyf
n is 'bout 2 become some proud man's wyyf
they dont kno that shes all torn up insyyd
they r in complete oblivion of tha pain that she hides
n then a gunshot...aftr which nothin is heard...
her vision is becomin increasingly blurred
she lies...blood drainin' from tha hole in her head
she wuz merely alone b4...but now...shes DEAD.....


(Beginning of 2006)

This is jus sumthn i wrote long tym first attempt on 'poetry'...comin outta 'rap songs filled wit profanity' phase..i started writin feelings...
ma first song/rhyme...wateva u want 2 call it wuz written in gr 10...believe it or not...physics lessons were tha tym wen words would flow endlessly...xD i guess thats cuz i needed an escape...well neway...

tha world's a blur...between all these damn tears
im lookin 4 an escape...from all of ma fears...
memories keep on tauntin endlessly...
i feel lyk im losin grip on ma sanity...
is there an end 2 all this hurt n pain?
i feel lyk i hav nothin left 2 gain...
i thought it would all b over...history...
but now its all comin back...hauntin me...
i cant run newhere....nor can i hide...
i feel lyk iv been paralyzed...

i stopped writin aftr i moved out of 'tha rebellious teenager' phase...

Slow Fade 2 Black

This is one of my first pieces which i wrote last summer...wuz goin thru an unbelievably rough tym..

I open a new page, crisp and clean...yet i feel confused. I want to run, I want a place where I can hide. Unanswerable questions chase me, torment me. Everytime I fall I try to get up, but one obstacle keeps me down. It's like a weight on my chest, forcing me, suffocating me, hurting me, and slowly...killing me. I'm blinded by both: the piercing glare and pitch darkness. I try to grasp, but then I stumble and fall, and everything I pain-stakingly build crumbles down, leaving me in eternal doubt. I cry out for help, but my voice is silenced by them. They do not care, they are taken by their joys, and only momentarily glance at me with hate and disgust. I want to move, but everytime I try, my attempt is deemed a that which weighs me down. I try to breathe, but the weight leaves no room. It crushes me, closes in on all sides, tries to devour death. I struggle, I once again try to make a sound, but now my throat is dry. Parched, and it burns. Burns like it's on fire. Hot tears well up in my eyes, and begin their descent. I furiously shake my head yet I know I'm doomed. There's no way out. As I taste the saltiness of my tears, it fuels the fire that burns deep down in my throat. My lips, reddened by dried blood, burn as the tears of defeat caress them...then they move, forming incoherent words.

My heartbeat slows down, while my muscles tense, then relax. My raspy breathing is slowly becoming inaudible, and my spasmistic movements gradually cease. My vision - or rather, that of it which remains - is turning hazy, and I can hear the blood pulsating in my jugular vein. My cheeks feel dry and scorching hot while my throat feels like it's continously being sand-papered. My lips burn as the last teardrops meet their fate. I lie, weak and helpless....while my whole world becomes a slow fade to black.................