Monday, June 30, 2008

A Drug Addict

Salam 3alykm,

I'm back with another poem I just wrote right now. Mind you, I'm no druggie; I don't even take medicines when I NEED them, let alone practice self-medication! -.- I'm just writing random stuff - don't know where it's coming from..

At least I know that I can still write, irrespective of the quality -.- My 'poetic-ness' is a little rusty, if I may say so myself, but at least it has stuck around!

These are the thoughts of a drug addict, whose 'stock' is down to nearly nothing - the person feels like his/her world is about to end, as he/she can't think of an immediate alternative. Because the person knows very well that he/she is addicted and is at the mercy of these drugs, he/she tries to quit first. Withdrawal symptoms kick in, making him/her feel utterly helpless - he/she can't do anything about it...but take more.

'Nuff said - here you go:

Is this just another mistake I've made?
Or am I just really paranoid?
Have the foundations really been laid?
Or am I the victim of a plan that's been ployed?

I tell myself I'll make through this once again
Yet, I know these are empty words meant to console
I have felt and endured the excruciating pain
Living a life stripped of both heart and soul

Will there be anyone to blame but myself
After everything has come to an end?
And will I be betrayed by my health
As deep down the spiral of depression I descend?

Once again, I'm but a victim of my mind
As it plays it's vicious games to deceive me
Is there any drug out there of the kind
That will block out reality, and not fail me?


Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3aala w Barakateh

The Silent Murderer

Salam 3alykm

Well, well, well...what do we have here? Yep, I'm back with a poem that I wrote a few minutes ago. Today...I was completely messed up inside for some unapparent reason, and the second I finished writing this, I was back to normal again..Al7amdulillah. I guess I just needed to throw the feelings out, eh? *This poem is based upon a true event*

Nothing impressive, I know I've written better...but with this, I announce the end to my 'writer's block'! *And that is some sort of a relief*

She closes her eyes, forcing herself to sleep
Trying to fight away her insecurities & fears
In comparison, her attempt seems to be weak
She tastes failure in the saltiness of her tears

Her mouth feels parched as her throat burns
A throbbing headache initiates a wave of nausea
The taste of bile makes her stomach churn
As she's mercilessly attacked by all her phobias

Her ribs ache as she struggles to breathe
Desperation throws her blanket off
She's hot & sweaty, despite AC settings meant to freeze
Which on other days prove to be more than enough

Unable to tolerate anymore, she sits up in bed
Greeted by the pitch darkness that surrounds her
...And all this resulted from the thoughts in her head
The one, silent & undetected murderer

With this, I bid you all GOOD NIGHT!

Wes Salam 3alykm w Ra7matullahi T3aala w Barakateh

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back from the 'Dead'!

Salam 3alykm,

Lol, been a while, hasn't it? Have I been missed?:p

Life's just been keepin' me on my toes, that's all I can say! Al7amdulillah, there's so much to be thankful, appreciative, and grateful for!

I've not been writing lately, because either I don't get the time to write, or I have nothing much to say. I have not written any poems in a LONG time now; I think I might just lose my 'talent'!

Oh, I left FB Al7amdulilah, upon my eldest brother's request - Allah yjzeeh kil5ayr fdnya wel a5ira. I wasn't using it for anything other than uni news, and the male requests were getting up my nerves. Evidently, my 'm6aw3a extreme cover' didn't help much. Sb7analla, my leaving FB made a lot of people happier, so it was all 5ayr!=D

Elmuhem, I finished 2nd year with a decent cGPA - if I may say so myself - of 3.26. It's going to take a lot of hard work to make up for my disastrous 3rd semester; critically wounded my cGPA - went from a perfect 3.5 down to a meager 3.28 >.< bes Al7amdulilah 3la kil 7aal.

3elm exams coming up soon, 2nd year finals..Inshalla 5ayr. 3mra was canceled thanks to my Dad's work; they seem to think he's the only person who doesn't need a holiday down there! Really infuriating, but 8adar Allah; Masha2a fa3al. There's definitely some 5ayr in this, even though I don't really see it yet. Flying out to Lahore on the 31st of July, and back into Dubai on 8th planned for now.

Bleugh, this post seems SO bland, more like a news update!-.- I have an issue to discuss which is pissing me off these days, but I feel too worn out to type at least!:p

So until next time, dear readers! This was just to let y'all know I'm still alive, and ain't buried 6 feet under (to your utter dismay!) :p

To those who awaited updates, sorryyyy...I'll try to write more often. And to those who were happy that I've disappeared, guess who's back? (H) :p