Monday, October 8, 2012


Salam Allah 3lykm,

It's been AGES since I last wrote a poem; so long, that I thought I definitely don't have it in me now. Well, I was wrong..thankfully. I leave you with my latest, "Soul-deep". I would like to remind all readers NOT to jump to assumptions about my life, after reading my poetry; thank you.

I love, yet it's all in vain
Countless are the tears I've cried
I fail to think it's worth all the pain
Yet, taking it all in, I've persistently tried

I'm not one to sit in denial
I'm not one to put with it all
I would've overcome this hurdle
Had I not been the one to fall

My feelings have been cast away
All consideration tossed aside
With a bludgeoned heart, I'll play
The role of a 'blissful bride'

Ws Salam 3lykm w R7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh