Thursday, September 18, 2008

3mra =D

Salam 3lykm

Leaving today directly from uni for KSA Inshalla - Sam7ooni if I've wronged anyone out there - intentionally or unintentionally. Will return after 3eed, & Inshalla that's when I'll decide whether this blog stays, or goes. *'Debates' isn't looking too promising, is it?*

Remember me in your sincere Ad3iya,

Take Care, w *mu8adaman* 3eedkm M'barak!

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DEBATE: 5aleeji Rap?

Salam 3lykm,

OK y'all, adding a new 'feature' to this blog - DEBATES - there are a lot of topics that can be debated about, and I'll be taking them one at a time, Inshalla. I was given this idea a long time ago, but I was hesitant about it for a while. I've seen how fights erupt, just because two people can't agree on the same point. I should add, I can get fired up when it involves Islam...I just see black or white, nothing in between. However, I've learned that you can't enforce your opinion on someone; you can stir doubts in their mind, and weaken their foundations;)

Oh, another thing...I've added a 'cbox' on the right; it's pretty self-explanatory, eh?:p

Right, lets get this thing started...first, take a look at this video:

Q: How do y'all feel?
Proud & happy?
..Or saddened & angry?

Here's MY 2cents worth:

I thought it would be hypocritical of me to share music, as I 'claim' I've stopped listening to it. That's 100% correct, al7amdulillah..but then it would lead some people to think, 'how did she hear of these people, then?' Am I right? It's aiight, because yes, that question would arise in my mind, too.

Lookin' at these guys...OK...sure, first time I saw it, I had this big grin on my face to see the guys bouncin' around, wavin' their hands, lookin' proud to be Emarati, drivin' the crowd wild..etc etc (Y)

Then, I kinda had this brain freeze, and the jumpin' around didn't seem so nice anymore. Call me an extremist, but Ummat M7amad doin' this now? Wesh elferg beynhm w beyn el'3rb? Sure, the lyrics are different, might contain 'proud to be a Muslim' and words like that, but the whole 'bling' attire, the whole action is ALL the SAME!

Take a look at this; I didn't know what to do when I saw shocked me for a complete day.

Yes, take a look at the auditions...these are I still an extremist when I think, 'this is one of the holy lands'? Thousands and thousands of people die hoping they could go for 7ajj, or AT LEAST, go for 3mra ONCE. These are people fortunate enough to be LIVING there...and they're doin' WHAT instead?

Al7amdulillah, we still have many brothers like this one - may Allah protect them from prevailing fitn w fwa7ish; Ameen -

I'm not jealous of Desert Heat, don't get me wrong here...a lot of people would call me a 'hater'.No, for rappers, they are really very good! I mean, if I had found them when I was listening to music, I probably would've dropped listening to 'Western Rap' and stuck to them! But...shbab el Muslimeen...=(

Anyway, I shared my opinion about the whole thing, would like to see yours ^_^ Please feel free to agree or disagree; everyone is entitled to their own opinion (Y)

And lemme know if you think I'm an extremist; it's okay, because I've been called that a couple of times ;)

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Salam 3lykm

First off, I got an interesting response to my previous post regarding the 'comments' form. The sister's suggesting I copy past all the comments in the emails into the 'comments' form one by one, with the nick of the person who sent the comment. Smart one she definitely is...but why on earth should I do all that work in the first place?! -.- LOL, you're those fingers towards the 'comments' form, or else!-.- :p

I've noticed my readers are losing interest; the number of comments I'm getting are decreasing by the post! Fair enough, I'll just stop writing, eh?;) I was asked to increase the number of poems; I only write when I'm 'inspired', y'all. I can't write ON DEMAND.=S

This blog was initially meant for posting my poems, yes...but then I discovered it served as 'therapy'. If you want to read poems, go right to the beginning - and I shouldn't be directing you to it - but there's a link to my windows live space in the post where I established I wouldn't be writing love/heartbreak poems anymore. You'll find a couple of poems there, those which I didn't post here. You could try gettin hold of my phone, and going through my 'notes'...or my 'special poem notebook' where you'll find my EXCLUSIVE poems *they'll never be published*...but then again, you might as well DREAM ON!:p

It is slightly disheartening to keep seeing '0 comments', but I guess the emails compensate for that...but like I said, their numbers are decreasing too!:'( *boohoo!:p* Once I come down to 3 or less emails, I'll stop blogging..I'll stick to my 'notes' & my 'special notebook'. -.-

I'm glad that some of my posts have actually helped people in their lives, and I would love to keep helping y'all, but what's the fun in this 'one-way communication'?=(*of it's own kind*

Anyway, I have a class to get to, so I'ma get a move on now. I'll give it 'til after 3eed - if the situation doesn't improve, I might just remove this blog...or leave it to collect dust.

Take care, y'all

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi w Barakateh

*PS. I suck at emailing y'all, which is why I prefer the 'comments' form. So, for all those *not too many of you now =(* who have sent emails through, please bear with me; I'll reply...eventually.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Enough IS Enough!

Salam 3lykm

There are SO many issues I want to address - I don't know where to start! So, I'll just take everything randomly - my style. All jumbled up, no beginning and no proper end.

1. You know when you try the soft approach, and you receive no results? Well, I'm always a softie at first. I let things take their natural course, 'til people start crossing their limits. THAT'S when I clamp down on 'em, and they least expect it. The problem with that, though, is things can get real nasty. I'm a calm person; I take things one step at a time...'til you push me.

Someone's about to get a nasty surprise soon. She's taken things too far, and it's not only affecting people's lives, but it's affecting my SLEEP. I can't have people calling me at 12am, and expect to be able to get up at 4am everyday! I was quiet 'til now, but she's messed with the wrong crowd. I'm about to play it dirty, but that's what you get when you tolerate BS for a long time - I just have to be careful enough...gotta stay clean myself.

2. The dream is driving me crazy; why the hell do I keep seeing it over and over again?! Is that the way I wish to see the particular person - suffering in pain for what I went through? Or is something bad happening or about to happen? Whatever the case, I HATE the dream - it's more like a nightmare! It's one of those cases where you try your best to help, in the always fail. It's like watching a loved one suffer to no end, but there's this wall between you, which you can't cross no matter what way you try.

3. What is it with guys and adding email addresses from forwards??? That has got to be the MOST pathetic thing after prank calls. I can just picture them scanning the forward for an 'interesting' email address...ridiculous. Read the damn forward, you numb skull! How desperate can people get?! I think my 'block' list is about to exceed my 'allow' list pretty soon...

4. I still haven't gotten rid of that guy..lil2asaf eshadeed. He still sends me messages, and it makes you wonder how much patience guys have for this kinda thing. *Sorry brothers, I'm bashin' you up...but -read the title -* I know there are programs such as *black List* to block phone calls, but y'all know anything that'll block messages?

That's all I can sqeeze in this post for now - gotta rush up now, or I'll be late for class. Remember me in your ad3iya y'all. Oh, and another thing...Dear Readers, the 'comments' form actually WORKS -.- Please don't email me when you have something to say - I'd like to keep your comments WITH the related post, and that's not possible with emails. So, pleeeease...try the 'comments' - Barak Allah Feekm w Jzakm Allah 5ayr ^_^

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nothing BUT Numbers

Salam 3alykm

We all got our grades...and...Al7amdulillah 3ela kil 7aal. Maybe it's Allah's way of protecting us all from Kibr & Takabbur, so I'm not complaining. I've been receiving calls since last night, 'Mabrook! You've got wonderful grades!', but I was thinking, 'Are you KIDDING me?'

I spoke to my teachers today, and it brought tears to my eyes to hear THEM congratulate me on my great effort, when I had NOTHING to do with my effort; it was all THEIR WORK. I barely studied...I'm a lousy student. I remember, when I was let down by 5 points from the highest teacher told me, ' I was surprised to hear your grades; you could have done better.'

This year, we've truly received the message, 'Numbers DON'T count'...LOUD & CLEAR! Our top-listers got lower marks than I did, & I cannot believe it. They studied day & night, the whole year round...these are people who used to get FULL marks in their tests and mock exams..! They were MORE well-prepared than I was; someone who studied everything in LESS THAN A MONTH!

Sb7analla, someone who was a POSITION HOLDER...didn't even make it to the top-listers...and I look at that girl with astonishment when she humbly says, ' This is what I deserved'.

I'm sure there has been a complete mess-up, but I will not get my exams rechecked, and neither will anyone else. We know what we received, although something completely UNBELIEVABLE, yet there is 5ayr in this all the way.

May Allah save us from Kibr & Takabbur, and may He give us the toufee8 to bring whatever knowledge we have into practice through our a3maal, and may whatever knowledge we've learned, enter the depths of our heart instead of staying right up on the surface; Ameen.

D3watkom, dear readers...

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Salam 3alykm,

I've been hurt, and no matter how hard I pretend all that's left are the scars...the wounds are still raw and open, and they bleed. I might seem like I'm in control, but truthfully...I'm under the control of my thoughts.

I have surrendered; I have tried so hard, and yet...I can't let go...

I need help...bro noticed it before I did, and he told me to pull myself together. I laughed it off and told him it's all OK; I'm perfectly fine now. Yes, I was in pure denial.

Reality tells me: I'm worth nothing...

Monday, September 1, 2008


Salam 3lykm

Aahhhh, I'm SO bored! I crashed at 11 last night, couldn't go on further - although I planned to stick through, and have a talk with the couple...but Al7amdulillah, I think everything is sorted out now. All I have to do is stick around, and throw 'em in to lock-down, Inshalla. *refer to previous post*

I woke up at 745am - good sign. Hopefully my sleep pattern is going to settle down into the proper mode now. Took a shower and got ready, but there's nothing to do, no where to go! The weather is looking slightly weird - looks like there's going to be a dust storm. Had enough of those on the KSA highway! We even got stuck in one on the Madeena Hiway - cops pulled everyone over off the Hiway because it was pretty bad. Dad brought the Tank from a 140 to a crawl - was a miracle really, Al7amdulillah. Nearly got thrown over!

Dad's been shouting at me, tells me I look GRAY. I don't...they think I look yellow, and blue at times too..but I'm NORMAL. I'm not in the mood for food anymore. Used to the heavy 'workout' I used to get in KSA, and the killed appetite, and since Rama'9an's here, can't be stuffing my face like a hog! Besides, gotta gear up and keep in shape for our trip in Rama'9an; going to be mad rush, and there will be a lot of running around!

There was a lot of rush now as well, specially them bloody Iranis who spoil everyone's 6awaf & 3mra with their persistently loud chanting! They'd just come in their mega huge groups, and everyone would be cursing them, including the local Makkawis. God knows what the hell they come for; they should just stay back in Karbala...come and scream 'Ya Ali!' and spoil the whole atmosphere for those around them!

What the hell is the use of coming all the way down into 7aramain eshareefain, then doing Sajda on that THING..or that Karbala mat they have? 5leekm hnaak! Walla, they gave me a hard time, but I think my hatred for them is pretty apparent...because a couple of times, they just got up and ran from where I was sitting. I have many stories about the 5aba2ith they do when they come down to KSA, and these are all FRESH! What happened in front of ME, this time...! Allah y7f'6na min shar'hum...even the S3oodis are sick and tired of them...and 3fanAlllaaaahhhh...they STINK SO BAD! The poor Shur6iyaat were gagging when these stink bombs past by. It's the smell of their KUFR and SHIRK - they don't even PRAY in jma3a when they come here! It's not happened once, or twice....EVERYTIME...they spoil other people's 9alah, destroy 9foof with their presence!

What's with the 'getting rid of flies' move?! 3faaanallaaah! Can you imagine how hellish it was for me? Next thing I knew, I was looking around for a place in the 9aff next to a person who does 'salam' the NORMAL way! I once ended up next to B7raini or 3ragi Shee3is - how the hell was I supposed to know they're shee3i?! I used to try to get a place next to the Malays, or Indonesians..if not next to S3oodis. Al7amdulillah, in Makkah I always ended up next to Emaratis, one way or another! Madeena was a toughie, but once I literally got up and changed my place because the 9aff was INFESTED with Iranis - 3fanallah! Couple of Madani women started laughing, because they knew what I was doing. One person who works in 7aram told me, it's literally impossible to avoid these people - they are like ROACHES! Can you imagine, there are now security cameras in the ladies side of 7aram *A tip-off for all you mtna8ibaat out there; keep your n8ab on all the time!* because one woman was found taking an arms-length KNIFE inside?!

They do strip searches, specially for the Iranis now...who behave really rudely! If I had to deal with 'em, I'd throw 'em outta the Masjid from the entrances! They push their way through, ignoring the women working there! Thanks to them, mayd5loonkm with a camera phone! Apparently, some Iranis were caught taking pictures of other women INSIDE 7aram! *Another reason why all mtna8ibat need to keep their n8ab on!* So, I had to deal with being cut off from my parents for around 5 or 6 hours, and I'm grateful they were ASLEEP or they'd be worried SICK about me. Later on, they let me go through, because I showed them my gallery..told them I never take shots of 7aram OR even places outside! Fone is just for keeping in touch with parents..

Gelna laysh ma7ad ygoolhm shay?! They come in, even though the locals, even those working in 7aram are sick of them! Turns out, Uboohm el Amreekan had a problem during the days it wasn't allowed for them to come in. So, now we have visa restrictions on everyone except these vile cockroaches, and it pisses the hell outta me! Al7amdulilah 3ela ni3m el i8ameh..

You will be disgusted to know that they bring filth into 7aram, and it is very common for them to URINATE in the Zamzam drinking areas for men and women, in the ma6af...hell, around the whole MASJID! They are the most NASTIEST bunch of people I've EVER heard of - I'm well-known for my bitter hatred of Shee3is...agulkm, hm wel yhood NAFS ESHAY! Who started Shee3ism anyway? A JEW living in Madinah. Allah y7f'6na min sharrhm!

Mind you, I have nothing against Iranis..unless they SHEE3I. Latgooloonli enhm Muslimeen...cheft-hm w cheft t9arrufaat-hm...MUSHRIKEEN. Maysjdoon lillaah - ysjdoon lil gboor fel Madinah! Al7amdulilah their burial is FORBIDDEN is el ba8ee3; no Shee3i's jnaza is brought in 7aramain eshareefain after an incident where the face of one had turned into that of a pig, wel3iyaath billaah.

I'll leave the stories for another post - right now I'm really hot-headed after talking about them! I used to read t3awwuth kilma they used to pass by, hoping they'd disappear! 3fanallaahh!

For any Shee3i who reads this: please stay miles away from me - I can't stand you lot...entow 3dow er R7maan! I've had fights with your kind, and I promise you...NONE of them have been pretty.

Rest of my readers: Call me an extremist, if you will...but only if you knew half the things they do when they go to 7aram, maybe you'd turn 'extremists' like me! W7da yalsa fir rou'9a w t9ee7 w t'9rib 3mrha w tgool ya 3ali?! Al7amdulillah the Shur6iya threw her out Bab Jibraeel - told her to go back to Karbala & do all the 'Ya 3ali' she wants.

7asbunallah w ni3mel wakeel!

Wes Salam 3lykm w Ra7matullahi T3ala w Barakateh