Saturday, July 5, 2008


Salam 3alykm,

I'm back with another one, but this time..US authorities ain't gon' like it. They say we have the 'Freedom of Speech' though, eh? Ain't that what 'Lady Liberty' is all about? :p

I'm a 19 year old girl, living in her parents' home..and if anyone has a problem with what I blog, close your eyes. Besides, anyone pointing a gun to your head and forcing you to read what's on my mind? Naah, and after's a 'free' world!

As long as people badmouthing Islam, it's all good - but it's high time the tables were turned.
حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل

This poem is titled ' Al Matrook' & you'll see why in the end ^_^

O you who strays away from Jihad!
Are your worldly possessions dearer to you then your Deen?
Why do you not help raise the sacred flag?
High up in the skies, by all to be seen

O you unfortunate one, why do you deny yourself the Eternal Reward?
Or are you under the misconception that the time has yet to come?
If you die in wait, with what face are you going to stand before your Lord?
When you are questioned about those innocent ones who were bombed

O you foul-mouthed one who speaks ill of Mujahideen!
Rest assured, their ranks in Jannah constantly increase
If in doubt, pick up & read carefully Al Kitab Al Mubeen
& learn that forgiven are they for shortcomings in their deeds
O you who has been fooled by عدو الرحمن!
You sit in the fear of the قردة و الخنازير
Growing is your hatred for Al Qaeda & Taliban
Those who follow the Sunna of السراج المنير

The Muslim Ummah has been deafened
By listening to Shay6ani tunes
They can't hear the screams & cries of the imprisoned
Or the warnings of the Day of Doom

Watching the filth broadcasted worldwideThey have been blinded successfully
They know not about detention centers, or what happens inside
To innocent Muslims of all ethnicities

Till when will this deliberate ignorance prevail?
How long should we watch Ummat Mu7ammad being humiliated?
Why are *so-called* Muslim countries throwing valuable Mujahideen in jails?
Till how long will this INJUSTICE be tolerated?

MATROOK - The Muslim prisoners abandoned in jails
MATROOK - Jihad: The 'condemned by most' obligation
MATROOK - The innocent on whom Kuffaars' ظلم prevails
MATROOK - Traders of Shuhadaa's ranks for worldly possessions

Wes Salam 3alykm wa Rahmatullahi T3ala w Barakateh

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